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What is the fastest route to the Lungau?

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Where are the nearest airports?

  • Salzburg 70 minutes'drive (124km)
  • Klagenfurt 75 minutes' drive (130km)
  • Graz 110 minutes'drive (164km)
  • Wenen (285km) , München (295km) and Innsbruck (300km) all within 170 minutes' drive. 
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How do I get to my destination from the airport?

From the airport, there are several taxi-shuttle services at fixed prices. Of course, you can also rent a car yourself or go to the destination by public transport. The taxi shuttle services are the fastest. Click here for the various links.


Which airlines should I take?

In the winter months Transavia flies directly to Salzburg every day and KLM flies directly to Graz all year round. Lufthansa flies directly to Munich and Air Austria flies directly to Munich and Vienna. It may also be a consideration to fly from Düsseldorf to one of the airports mentioned. Also, the price fighters like Ryanair and Eurowings fly at these airports. Click here for the various links.


Do you also have free ski buses?

Yes, there are ski buses at all the ski areas in the Lungau which you can use free of charge with your ski pass. Click here for the various links.


Are there breakfast options?

You can contact one of the baker's in the village who can bake fresh bread or rolls in the morning. You can also have breakfast (from basic to luxurious) in a Konditorei or restaurant in the centre. Everything is accessible within 5 to 10 minutes’ walk. Click here for the various links.


Restaurants and nightlife?

There are plenty of bars and restaurants in Tamsweg. The culinary highlight is the Gambswirt at the Marktplein. Also, here is the hip lounge bar de Maierei and nightclub de Maierbar.


City trips?

Because of the easy access via the A10 Autobahn, for example, within an hour drive you can reach the beautiful romantic and cultural-historical cities such as Salzburg, Villach or Klagenfurt. The cities of Graz and Vienna can be reached within approximately two and three hours. It’s really worth it for a day or two-day trip!

Somewhat closer to home, a visit to the city of Murau in Styria (approx. 35 minutes’ drive) is also highly recommended. The entire route there is already fantastic!


Where can I rent my ski / snowboard equipment?

In Tamsweg at the company Intersport Fruhstuckl you can rent all the equipment, but also at all base stations of the ski rental locations. Click here for the various links.


How long is the drive to…..?

  • Millstättersee          40 minutes
  • Ossiachersee          70 minutes
  • Wörthersee             75 minutes
  • City Murau              35 minutes
  • City Villach              70 minutes
  • City Salzburg          75 minutes
  • City Klagenfurt       90 minutes
  • City Graz               125 minutes
  • City Udine (Italy)  135 minutes
  • City Vienna           180 minutes